ADHDidn't: 7 Things That Wrecked My Productivity During WFH, and How I Dealt With Them

Thursday,  Mar 25 | 11:00AM - 11:45AM US ET

Level: Beginner

I’m just going to say it: I’m Bad at working from home. That’s a problem, because I’ve been doing it for the last year, it looks like we might have more than a little while to go yet before office life resumes, and my ADHD isn’t exactly going anywhere in the meantime.

Even aside from the myriad ways that remote working can expose issues in a company’s management or communications infrastructure, there are a whole host of problems that can arise on a personal level. In this talk, I discuss some of the ones I’ve grappled with over the last year.

Can’t stay focused? End up endlessly doomscrolling, or procrastinating for hours before really starting to work for the day? Trouble sleeping, or zoning out during the day with nobody around to keep you on track? If that sounds familiar, stop by and maybe get some ideas of things you can do about it - or at least feel less alone!