Alexander Hultnér

Alexander Hultnér

Founding CEO

Hultnér Technologies AB

Intro to Pydantic, Run-Time Type Checking For Your Dataclasses

Friday,  Mar 26 | 10:00AM - 10:45AM US ET

Level: Beginner

Want static type checking in run time? Want to use standard python type annotations? Want compatibility with standard python dataclasses? Then it sounds like pydantic is something for you. Pydantic offers a pythonic way to validate your user data using run-time enforced standard type-annotations.

This talk focuses on how Pydantic can be used with web APIs to simplify many parts regarding user input validation. I’ve previously back in early 2018 built a similar solution to Pydantic based upon standard dataclasses for a large B2B SaaS application built with flask. When I left that project I was briefly considered rebuilding it as open source but while doing my research I discovered Pydantic’s powers which I had put in my keep tabs on list when it was in an much earlier stage, but at this point it had evolved to a really polished library and a perfect companion for JSON-based APIs.