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Mark Fister

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Mark Fister

Mark Fister is a father and husband, executive, snowboarder, technologist, trail runner, speaker, canyoneer, author, investor, and terrible chess player.

Mark loves to see business and technology from as many perspectives as possible. To wit, he has held 20 completely different titles in the software industry at companies like Dell, IBM, eBay, PayPal, and more, making him a jack of all trades and a master of none. He has even tried his hand at product management, sales engineering, straight up sales, and unfortunately, Dad jokes.

When not geeking out on tech, Mark is geeking out on something.

Recently, it has been learning the ways of the servant leader and the neurodivergent.

While interviewing 100+ people on the topic of servant leadership, Mark was researching mindsets for a series of books when he learned that he was autistic. What a relief: Mark’s entire life suddenly made sense to him! While soul searching (stay in tech? write books?), he was serendipitously introduced to auticon, a software and neurodiversity & inclusion services company whose consultants are on the autism spectrum. There, he serves to do his part to end joblessness for the neurodivergent.