Mike Bayer

Mike Bayer

Senior Software Engineer

Red Hat

SQLAlchemy 2.0 - The One-Point-Four-Ening 2021

Monday,  Mar 22 | 09:00AM - 12:00PM US ET

Level: Intermediate

SQLAlchemy enters the "Python 3 only" world with an all-new rethink of it's Core and ORM APIs known as SQLAlchemy 2.0.   Right now, SQLAlchemy 2.0 is in its transitional "caterpillar to butterfly" state, which is the new SQLAlchemy 1.4 series, currently in beta releases.

This tutorial will be the premiere of the classic "from the ground up" tutorial of SQLAlchemy re-imagined for the new 2.0 way of working, featuring a much greater consistency between the "Core" and "ORM" experiences.   There will be nary an "engine.execute()" nor a "session.query()" to be found.  New ORM configurational patterns are presented a well.

Presented in terms of a four-layered model, which include "Engine and Connection Basics", "Table Metadata", "SQL Expression Language", and "ORM Usage", the tutorial is broken into two sections and API use is presented in terms of a console runner application which participants can install locally and follow along.